Asthma Sufferers Breathe Easier With Chiropractic

How Asthma Sufferers Can Breathe Easier With Chiropractic Care Asthma is a chronic lung disease that has afflicted more people in the last 20 years than ever. Some doctors attribute the increase to the pollutants in the air, the changes in the modern diet, and lack of adequate ventilation in homes. According to the Mayo Clinic, asthma symptoms vary by ...
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tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow & Chiropractic

What Chiropractic Patients Ought To Know About Tennis Elbow Even if you have never stepped foot onto a court before, you may end up with tennis elbow. Occurring along the muscle that allows extension of the wrist, it is a painful condition that can linger for weeks or months. Previously, tennis elbow primarily showed up in athletes. Due to the …

Sitting At Work

Sitting At Work

Sitting at work for many hours each day takes a toll on our backs. There are four harmful results on a person’s body that stem from sitting at work.