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Vic’s Testimonial For The Premier chiropractor in kingston

Vic has been attending our practice for 13 years now, after having a spine check at the Triathlon show.

He has always been very active, but had a problem right at the bottom of his spine. After corrective treatment, he now comes once every 3 weeks or so to keep his body working at best as he can.

He feels his adjustments keeps his body in its optimal state to allow him to continue his active lifestyle.

He believes that Chiropractic is a whole lifestyle approach to health including Physical, Chemical & Emotional stressors. He is much more conscious to what small changes he can make in his life outside of our office.

He feels that ANYONE who sits for most of the day like he does should come and get their spine checked.

Vic also loves the educational programme at Kingston Chiropractic!

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