Why Arrange A Corporate Health Day?

In today’s competitive labour market, being an employer of choice is seen as essential for the attraction and retention of quality staff. Companies are finding the Corporate Health Day a beneficial, simple, inexpensive and convenient on-site service. We can help you to send a caring message to all staff, boosting morale and productivity.

Musculo-skeletal disorders including back pain and headaches are recognised as the leading cause of absenteeism in the workplace. This costs UK industry approximately £5 billion each year.

Working in partnership with your company, our aim is to reduce illness related absenteeism and to improve staff productivity. Our education empowers staff to take preventative and pro-active measures to improve their health and look after their spine.

“I would recommend Kingston Chiropractic & Wellness Centres to any company that takes an interest in the health and well being of it’s employees” Chris Cunningham (Health and Safety Manager – Avaya UK)

What Happens During The Workshop?

Our qualified Chiropractor Dr Daniel Rainbow will present one of our powerful and highly informative workshops. These are interactive presentations which help to demystify the causes of common spinal symptoms, focusing primarily on the concept of prevention. Dr Rainbow will explain the role of the nervous system and its relationship with the spine. Using experiential learning with fun interactive demonstrations your staff will feel empowered to change old habits and take more responsibility for their own health and well-being. Following the presentation we offer each member of staff a 10 minute private Spinal Health Screening. Using state of the art technology we run a surface electromyography scan providing an accurate and instant representation of spinal tensions, displayed visually on a laptop screen. This system used in conjunction with a full postural analysis helps to determine a diagnosis. Dependant on the results, Dr Daniel Rainbow will recommend a suitable course of action to improve Spinal Health and provide his expert opinion. A detailed information leaflet and a nerve chart will also be provided.

This workshop illustrates how physical stress can influence your spine and overall health. It is a highly informative workshop which identifies a number of common physical stresses and trauma ranging from postural stress in the work place to road traffic accidents. In addition the workshop we will explain how chiropractic care and functional rehabilitation/exercise can help combat the many negative physical stresses you are exposed to from day to day.
The average western diet is now widely reported to be deficient in all essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients and toxic in hormones, additives and preservatives that make it inappropriate for correct body function and health. This workshop will cover a basic introduction to nutrition and make practical dietary and supplement recommendations to ensure a healthy diet. The innate diet has been shown to represent a healthy balanced diet that meets the genetic requirements of the body and not just the requirements of the food companies!
We highlight some of the major chemical stresses you are exposed to from day to day including a wide range of personal and household products. We also introduce some basic nutritional concepts and highlight issues such as soil depletion and supplementation. It will increase your awareness of the number of harmful products that many of us are using on a daily basis and the potential side effects they may be having on your spine and your health.
Work pressure, family arguments and poor relationships are all common sources of emotional stress. This workshop explains the connection between chronic emotional stress and poor health. It will identify the basic unconscious and conscious neurophysiologic changes that occur in the body when we are chronically stressed. It also illustrates how these physiological changes have been linked to the development of diseases such as cancer, hypertension, stroke, osteoporosis and diabetes. The workshop also touches on basic stress management and positive thinking strategies that can limit the effects of emotional stress on our health.
This workshop will review the different types of postural abnormalities and focus on the specific exercises that are required to help initiate postural change. General exercise and muscle imbalance issues will be addressed and participants will be provided with useful exercise tips that they can use in the workplace to reduce the effects of postural stress. Additional gym based exercises recommendations will also be provided.
This workshop exposes a number of health issues related specifically to women. It covers issues such as PMS, PMT, the menopause and osteoporosis. The workshop will present the latest research to explain the influence that these issues may have on our spine and general health status.

Which Workshop Topic Should We Opt For?

As you can see we run numerous workshops – these are our core topics. We can tailor any workshop to suit your requirements. We will also consider a health topic of your choosing. And, if you would like to extend your day to include additional health services and therapies we can make the necessary arrangements.

All workshops are supported with handouts providing a summary, health tips and implementation strategies.

How Much Does A Workshop Cost?

Believe it or not, it’s complimentary! We want to share the benefit of chiropractic. We are passionate about these benefits and want to tell you about them.

What Does My Company Need To Provide To Book A Workshop?

All that we ask is that you have a minimum of 10 staff members attend and participate, a suitable room to present in (a projection area or flat screen TV) and assistance in arranging the staff appointments for the on-site spinal screenings. If you cannot provide a suitable venue then we invite you to use our facilities at the Kingston practice.

Is There A Catch?

We are an ethical company and there is no catch. We will offer a special corporate rate to those members of staff requiring further investigation or treatment but there is no obligation to book an appointment.

Still Unsure?

If you are still unsure about booking a Corporate Health Day with us then we invite you to attend one of our complimentary ‘public’ workshops at the practice. These are a great introduction to Chiropractic and cover various health topics. You will have the opportunity to meet Dr Daniel Rainbow and gain an overview of our practice.

If you have any questions regarding our Corporate Health Days or would like to schedule a workshop please Contact Us.

Organisations that have benefited from Kingston Chiropractic and Wellness Centre workshops include:
Wolters Kluwer
BAE Systems
Lloyds Bank
Avaya UK
Home Office
Hounslow Borough Council
Croydon Borough Council
Specialist Holiday Group
Ready Mix Concrete
Kingston First
Baushe & Lomb
Colemans Ctts Solicitors
Land Registry